For most Filipinos, financial consultation is fairly new. It took decades before the insurance agent was able to shed the stigma on his profession and undergo an image rebranding as a financial advisor – one who helps and guides clients towards achieving their life goals, instead of merely selling them products and policies.

Still, reaching out and finally meeting a financial advisor is a little like going on first date: you get the jitters. Questions swirl in your head:

What will we talk about? What are his/her intentions? Oh my, is having coffee already a form of consent?

Before you get overwhelmed, read on and find out what you can expect when you meet with a potential financial partner.

1. Your needs will be assessed. 

A conscientious financial advisor would never assume to know your needs at the outset. Through a Financial Needs Analysis, he/she will help you tackle the toughest question in personal finance: 

What do I really need to do to secure my future?

2. Your goals will be defined

Talking about your dreams and life plans shouldn’t be considered mushy. But as against writing those down in a slum book,laying your goals down in a financial consultation means crafting the direction where your life is headed. 

Be bold and clear about it.

3. Your milestones will be in a timetable. 

Don’t be surprised when you are asked what age you want to retire or when you want to purchase your own home. These may feel too intimate and make you a little uncomfortable, but your success lies in having a concrete plan. 

It’s all in the details.

4. Your future will be quantified. 

They say the future carries a price tag, but it only becomes real when a number preceded by a peso sign is staring at you in the face. It may seem like a rude awakening but nothing prepares you for the future better than that. 

Knowing the opportunities and pitfalls can be sobering and liberating.

5. Your financial roadmap will be set.

Are you ready to begin your journey? A financial roadmap, courtesy of product solutions, will serve as your guide. Don't be shy about letting your advisor know how much you can or cannot afford. 

A good financial advisor can work with what you have.

6. If you decide to say ‘yes’ to a financial advisor, your progress will be reviewed.

Personal finance is a process, and it helps to have a professional, knowledgeable, and empathic partner who can help you track how far you’ve gone and plot the next goals you want to achieve.

Ready to meet a financial advisor today? Go Talk to an Advisor to get you started.

Reyna Tabbada

Reyna is a founding member of the Brighter Life Team. Her interests span from travelling to making a living as a fictionist and essayist. She is always in pursuit of a great story. Follow her adventures on Instagram via @haplesswords.