"When you are financially independent, you have options. You don’t have to wonder if your bank account can handle replacing your hot water heater or buying groceries for a single mom who just lost her job." —Chris Hogan

Living in a cycle of dependency and excess is exhausting and could bring us unspeakable dilemmas. An unexpected expense could be very nerve-racking especially if our pockets are not ready or deep enough. It may feel like there’s an invisible bondage on us because of the long list of debts floating inside our heads.

But we can change our ways. Many are trapped in this crazy cycle but we can always choose to get out of it - and a lot of people do want to get out. So it’s no wonder that most of us, if not all, include “financial independence” on our list of goals. And it is achievable. It is possible if we change our mindset from seeing ‚financial independence’ as ‚acquiring more’ to ‚being better with what we have.’

Financial independence is about freedom from money-related worries and ample preparation for the future. Its benefits, as listed below, range from peace of mind to showing a good example for the next generation.


1. You have control over your own time
You can decide how you want to spend your time, pursue a passion without thinking how much you will earn from it, or spend more time with family without feeling guilty about cost. 
2. You feel secure
This means having financial peace of mind knowing that you have an emergency fund or a plan for retirement. It is also a relief to know that you can support your family – no matter what happens.
3. You can give generously

The purpose of abundance is to be a blessing. How exciting it is to offer an open hand when somebody needs help! To treat a loved one over a good meal without considering how it will affect your monthly fund. Like what they always say: it is more blessed to give than to receive.


4. You are saying YES to more opportunities

We can take more risks when we are financially secure, not just in one’s career but even to other life adventures like traveling and learning a new skill.
5. Your are passing on a good habit to the next generation
Instead of leaving our children with debts, we can leave generational wealth that they can use someday. And more than money itself, we can teach them by example how to be responsible in handling one’s financial affairs.

My own family is still pursuing our financial independence journey. It takes discipline, determination, and teamwork - especially for the husband and wife. After all, financial freedom is also about being able to leave a legacy to others through one’s generosity, passion, and life values.