Sarah Geronimo has joined her husband Matteo Guidicelli as the newest Sun Life brand ambassador. The celebrity couple is featured in the company’s latest campaign titled “Partner for Life,” which highlights the importance of having someone who will support one’s growth, care about one’s future, and bring out the best in them.

In a recent media conference, Sarah and Matteo shared their insights on how they manage finances as a married couple and how they prioritize financial literacy. Here are five important lessons we learned from them: 


1.    Invest for the future

Married couples must think long-term when it comes to their family’s financial stability, especially in terms of their children’s education. Napakaimportante no’n. I think, kapag nagka-anak tayo, iyon ang kailangan para equipped ang anak natin for the future,” Sarah said.

Sun Life offers Sun Dream Achiever, a life insurance and savings plan designed to fund a child’s education while providing financial security for the insured and the family. Its increasing guaranteed cash benefits ensure that the child has school funds no matter what happens.


2.    Financial literacy is important

Sarah and Matteo were newly married when the pandemic lockdown happened. Like other newlyweds, they had to make important decisions as they began their life together.

Matteo’s experience as a long-time Sun Life brand ambassador became handy. Financial literacy prompted him to be mindful of their expenses and manage their finances as a married couple. “The first thing I did was I opened an Excel sheet. February 21, 2020, was our first log of our first expense. So, from that day until today, all our expenses are there,” Matteo shared. 


3.   Transparency and open communication

It’s important for any couple to discuss their finances together. Sarah and Matteo take a hands-on approach to money matters such as accounting and filing of taxes  to learn how to manage finances as a married couple.


4.   Seek financial advice from the experts

It’s normal not to be financially savvy from the start. One way to overcome this is to ask for advice from credible people. “Don’t be afraid to ask and seek help from the experts,” Sarah advised. Matteo also assured her that Sun Life will guide her as they did him when he was just starting out as a brand ambassador eight years ago.


5.   Look for a trusted insurance provider

Married couples should consider looking for a company with a good reputation and outstanding performance, so they can be confident that their money is in good hands. Sarah said, “Kapag nakakita ka ng mga tao who are after your well-being, hindi lang physically but mentally and emotionally, who will love you for who you are, then that’s how you know na for keeps iyon.”


Another thing to remember about managing finances as a married couple is to start investing early, even with a very minimal amount, because the value appreciates over time. Sun Life offers investments such as Sun Life Prosperity Funds, which are built with the Filipino investor in mind. These are affordable, flexible, expertly managed by investment professionals and invested in a wide range of financial outlets to minimize risks.

Need to know how to manage finances as a couple? Connect with a Sun Life financial advisor who can help you achieve your goals for you and your family today!


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