Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of working hard for money, it will be the other way around? It may seem too good to be true but that is possible. Don’t wait too long to do your research and start investing. Here’s an infographic that presents some of the best investment opportunities that are most suited for millennials.


5 reasons to invest now:

  1. Take advantage of time. As investing is a long-term venture, the earlier you start, the longer time you have to make the most of your investment.
  2. Grow your money. With investments, you'll be able to get returns and build wealth over the long term.
  3. Prepare for retirement. By the time when you can no longer work, you'll still earn from the investments you made while you were younger.
  4. Get higher returns. Investment vehicles offer greater earnings than savings accounts.
  5. Reach your financial goals. By investing, you'll have the financial preparedness to achieve your long-term goals.

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Investing is a good way to passively grow your money. If you are a young professional or a young entrepreneur, you can choose an investment vehicle to improve your earnings portfolio while staying focused on your career or main business.

Sun Life Financial offers a wide array of investment products that fit your profile. If you still have no idea of how your money can grow with various financial instruments offered by Sun Life, you can try out this Investment Calculator tool.

You can also connect to a Sun Life advisor via our Advisor Match tool for professional financial advice, and to get an achievable financial plan laid out based on your goals. Financial advisors can also answer your questions about insurance, investment, or financial planning.

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