When it comes down to weighing what I want versus what needs to be done, hands down, I would always favor the one that will translate to a brighter life. This is where my road to reinvention is rooted. In deciding my next steps to stay relevant and productive, I became more discerning with each project I got involved with. From acting in front of camera to going behind-the-camera as a producer. From a practitioner of good money habits (thanks to my Mom!) to an advocate of financial literacy. From a mere supporter of good causes to being a catalyst for positive change.

Spring Films. It's time! Brighter Life. Hebreo Foundation. SunPIOLOgy. These are some of the consequences of those self-help shifts.

My next mountains to conquer are still out there. As a producer, the field is both wide and deep. We have enjoyed modest success, from brokering the out-of-the-box "On The Job" for international appreciation, to putting Kimmy Dora's brand of humor a part of local comedy history.

I also created a non-profit advocacy called Hebreo Foundation, supporting underprivileged scholars in their education, believing that they deserve the chance to also reinvent their present situation. With the help of Sun Life, we are able to open more doors towards the achievement of dreams, year after year.

Under "It's Time," we tried to break the cycle and lead the way to opening eyes wide to the benefits of foresight and financial preparedness. Today, it is enlightening to know that more and more Filipinos have joined our journey towards fulfilling a "Brighter Life" through proper money management.

Of course, I will continue to stand in front of the camera, but the view from behind the limelight, as you can glimpse, are proving to be just as sweet and rewarding.

On the set, when the director shouts ‘it’s a wrap’, it serves as a reminder that your shooting day is finished. For me, it also means that our collective goal is slowly being realized. On the surface, the business of show business is fleeting, and it takes courage and determination to go against the stream and pursue your own dream. And just like in everyday life, where no crew is around to capture the drama, you will always be, to quote from Invictus, the master of your ship and the captain of your soul.

Piolo Pascual Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual

Piolo is an actor, producer, and a long-time ambassador of Sun Life. As a financial literacy advocate, he finds time to share his personal finance musings through Brighter Life.