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Sweldo Power Up for Employees

No matter how much your take-home pay is, putting your finances in order is essential. 

Financial planning is one way to achieve a sweldo power up – to ensure that your present needs are being met without sacrificing the future.

But how prepared are you when an emergency, like an illness or job loss, strikes?

Such uncertainties make a lot of Filipino employees susceptible to financial worries, as shown in a study commissioned by Sun Life, where:

  • 41% worry about not being able to provide for my family’s needs
  • 40% worry about having no money for living expenses when I retire
  • 38% worry about their family members getting critically ill


These personal worries connect to the personal short-term goals that employees identified, which are mainly financial concerns:

  • 47% want to have an emergency fund
  • 43% aims to build wealth via another income source
  • 43% will save to be financially independent in retirement
  • 40% wish to have enough funds for family’s health needs


Whether an emergency or achieving life milestones, employees can count on a committed and qualified Partner for Life in Sun Life.

As your #SunLifePartnerForLife, we can help you to power up your sweldo to cover not only your present needs but also help bring lifetime financial security - because YOU and your family deserve a brighter life.

Learn more about how Sweldo Power Up can boost the financial portfolio of employee.

Create a health emergency fund. As you continuously grow in your career or look for greener pastures, you can’t keep the benefits forever and you may experience shortage which can be very stressful. However, uncertainty could have a knock-on effect in your income. This may become a problem when sickness, disability, or death happens in the family and affect your expenditure and saving.

While there are government benefits you can claim in case of critical illness, building a life and health emergency fund is still a must. With our Sweldo Power Up Health Emergency Fund, this will free you from financial strains and worries brought by critical illness and secure the family with financial protection while we help them get started and grow their savings and investments.

Sweldo-Powerup-Dream-Builder-1200-x-600 picture

Plan for your future. Planning for a house or car requires downpayment. Sure, a house can increase your net worth and a car will give you convenience. But always be careful not to drown your sweldo in debt!

May it be your dream home, dream car, or dream vacations, daily spends and inflation will also make it a challenge to reach your dreams. As you plan your future, you should also consider risks such as stalled dreams because of untimely demise. Your dreams may just become dust.

With our Sweldo Power Up Dream Builder, we will help you to reach your “next-level achievement” towards your million worth of dreams and at the same time, have financial protection.

Secure your child’s education. The cost of education increases over time. While inflation is concerning, you have the option to ensure that your child will still have the opportunities needed to secure the kind of life you have dreamt of.

When tuition fee date comes, you would rely on bonuses and your sweldo. But year in, year out education inflation may not catch up with your salary increases. Aside from tuition fees, consider other incidental costs such as miscellaneous fees such as transportation costs, costs of school projects, clothing, food allowance, gadgets and may include cost of dorms and graduation costs.

You are not alone. We are your partner to financial independence, be it for your children or your personal upskilling to get you ahead of your career faster.

Build an early retirement plan. When retiring, you now have the luxury of time to spend time with yourself and your family. On the other hand, retirement also means losing the source of your income and company benefits such as health insurance.

The amount of money you may expect to receive when retiring are: SSS pension fund, company retirement fund and PhilHealth. However, this will not be enough for you to cover your family’s cost of living. On top of the bills, you may also have more health risks and may need to cover your medical maintenance.

Worry no more because we are here to help you power up your sweldo soonest as possible and receive regular salary in come retirement with our Sweldo Power Up Retirement Plan.

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