A Social Weather Stations study commissioned by Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. (SLOCPI) reveals that 6 out of 10 Filipino adults learned how to manage their money through their mother and/or father. Yet sadly, the same study reveals that 9 out of 10 Filipinos experienced financial shortage in the last year and majority have had to rely on others to fund many important financial needs like children’s education, retirement and health and medical expenses. The seeming lack of foresight and preparation among many Filipinos has perpetrated a vicious cycle of financial shortage and dependency which unless broken, compromises the quality of lives of all future generations.


Here comes the son. Iñigo joins his dad as Sun Life brand ambassador.

In order to transform our society to becoming better prepared for the future, we must ensure that the financial mindset and habits we practice today and pass on to the next generation are relevant, beneficial and sustainable. Such insight resonates with financial literacy advocate and Sun Life brand ambassador, Piolo Pascual, who now brings his son Iñigo to help break the vicious cycle of financial shortage and impart the message about the importance of raising a financially prepared generation.

“This campaign echoes what I personally want for my son – to protect not only his future but also that of the next generation,” Piolo shared, as he reminisces and compliments Iñigo as the light that changed his life. “I’m really proud of him. He’s a good kid - kind, humble, and level-headed. It makes my job as a parent easier. It’s really inspiring how your child can change your life. Everything gains perspective,” he added.


For his part, Iñigo seems to be following the footsteps of his dad, in more ways than the dashing good looks and entertainment flair that seem to run in the blood. “For some reason, I love saving up. And my dad always reminds me to spend on things that really matter,” he admits while smiling at his dad.

Referring to the SWS study, which reveals that 44% of retired Filipinos depend on their children for financial support, Piolo says “I won’t take it against him if he decides not to take me in. His money is his money. That’s why parents should also look out for their own retirement. It’s a Pinoy thing, but our children must not be burdened by that tradition.” While admirable and virtuous, this predominant situation of retirees depending on their children has sadly diminished the latter’s ability to prepare financially for their own future.

As part of its continuing efforts to promote financial literacy in the Philippines, Sun Life enjoins the whole nation to help raise a financially-prepared generation by making brighter financial choices today and by teaching the younger generation the value of proper financial planning.

“We care about the next generation of Filipinos and want them to be better equipped to face their lives in the future. We want to start a new tradition of proper financial planning specially among the youth so they grow up knowing the value of financial independence and how to achieve it. Sun Life is here to help Filipinos in their journey towards financial independence” affirmed SLOCPI President and Chief Executive Officer Riza Mantaring.

How the song "Brighter4U" can ensure a Brighter Future for you

Piolo and Inigo share lessons on proper money management. Inspired by Sun Life’s fresh and catchy jingle, below are some financial inspirations to pave the path towards raising a financially-prepared generation.

1. P’YOLO - Plan, You Only Live Once

YOLO has meant going after your dreams because you only live once. But how can you fulfill these dreams if you don’t plan for them? Learning to plan where you would be spending and investing your money will determine the kind of life you will have. So start planning now.

2. Never let distance bankrupt the relationship.

With many parents choosing to work abroad, distance has always been a struggle. Like Piolo, whose son Iñigo grew up in Nevada, he only gets to be with Iñigo for short spans of time. But such separation is no excuse not to teach their kids valuable lessons. For one, teach kids to value hard work and to treat money as a means to a brighter life instead of an end in itself.

3. Be without fear with proper financial planning.

Even before entering show business, Piolo knows that he must be future-ready, as reminded by his own mother. He learned it the hard way in making ends meet when he lived in the U.S. So even when he catapulted to fame, he never let go of these practices.

4. Give your loved ones the life they deserve.

Being financially-prepared is an act of love. As we provide for our loved ones, we also show them an example of how to be more conscious and responsible when it comes to handling money. Piolo is grateful, giving credit also to Iñigo’s mom that his son did not grow up to be materialistic and has also embraced the habit of saving,

5. The best is yet to come - with good foresight and a solid financial plan.

When you make the decision to be financially independent, it is like the sunrise of a brand new day, as sung by the financial independence tandem of Piolo and Iñigo. When they say “Here comes the sun / shining brighter for you,” it’s talking to the generations of Filipinos who are empowered to break free and begin to live their life to the brightest.

Sun Life's new jingle: "Brighter For You"

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Sung by: Piolo & Iñigo Pascual

I watched you grow up from afar
How I wish I could always be where you are
Now we got a lot of catching up to do
Gonna cherish every moment
I have with you

Can I just tell you
Son You make me proud each day
I want to be the best father
In every way

I'm gonna make sure the future
Will shine brighter for you
The life that you deserve
I wanna give it to you
The best is yet to come,
here comes the sun
Shining brighter for you
I've always put you on a pedestal
The past ain't perfect, but we can
still have it all
I fell your guiding light when we're apart
I've grown to be the man
after your own heart

Can I just tell you,
Dad You make me proud each day
I face life without fear cause
you've shown me the way


From your baby steps
To following in your footsteps
We'll be best buddies till we're old and gray
Thank you for giving me a brighter life today

EXTRO: Shining brighter for you

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