Tatay, Papa, Daddy, or Ama; no matter what the "Haligi ng Tahanan" is called, the hard work they do for the family can never be underestimated. 

Fathers are the first superheroes that their children get to know. They have been there to protect their families from difficulties and work tirelessly to secure their future, even if that would mean having to work night and day. Often, fathers are the silent supporters who always got the backs of their loved ones. Now, it's time to give back.

Preparing for retirement cannot be done overnight. However, here are some cues for those who want to make a comfortable retirement the best gift for Father's Day.

Practical gifts to prepare fathers for a comfortable retirement

Savings fund

For the family provider whose earnings are allocated to offer a good and comfortable life for his loved ones, the opportunity to save may not be that high. Potentially, they spend what they earn and do not have the privilege of saving for their retirement.

Opening a savings fund for the head of the family is a great way to help them save so they can enjoy luxuries by the time of their retirement. It may also be a way for them to be encouraged to save so they can pursue their retirement goals.

Complete Medical Checkup

Health is wealth, and it is key to a happy and long life. With all the sacrifices fathers make, there's a chance that they have prioritized other "essentials" over their health. According to a study, the average Filipino family spends nearly half of its resources per month on food. A practical gift for Father's Day would be a complete medical checkup to get an overview of his health condition and prevent the onset of age-related illnesses.

Health insurance

As people age, health care becomes more essential. Make sure that your parents can avail regular medical services to protect their health.

Sun Senior Care is a health insurance product from Sun Life designed to address evolving needs and protect hard-earned savings even if an illness strikes.

Income protection

If you are a budget-conscious breadwinner, you can still make sure that your parent's needs will be met even when untoward events happen to you.

At a minimal cost, SUN Safer Life provides maximum life insurance coverage. Supplemental benefits can also be added for enhanced protection against accidents and disabilities.

Retirement plan

Wouldn't a comfortable and financially-free retirement be worth aspiring for, especially for people who matter most?

When elderly care is already costly, their pension may no longer be enough to cover their needs. The good news is they can still have peace of mind if a retirement plan is ready to fund their needs during their golden years.

Sun Life has a wide range of life insurance plans designed to meet retirement needs. Check them out here.

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After years of working hard and sacrifices, fathers deserve a bright future ahead. They need to prepare for retirement to make their senior years the golden years of their lives. As Father’s Day approaches, you can give them gifts that could help them work their way towards a life that they deserve.

Still uncertain about Sun Life’s products that would fit you and your family’s needs? Talk to one of our financial advisors.