Health and wealth are connected to one another. With optimum health, you can enjoy the benefits of your wealth. On the other hand, wealth can help you fund expenses related to improving your health, be it hospitalization or recovery. By understanding how health impacts wealth, this can help you and your family to live your best life.

To start, having unhealthy habits are costly. Smoking and drinking are expensive habits. Instead of spending a significant amount on cigarettes and liquor, you can allocate it to your savings instead. This way, you not only protect your health, but you will also be able to grow your funds – both of which will have a longer-term benefits.

Second, poor health habits lead to diseases. Lifestyle diseases are usually borne out of unhealthy practices such as a sedentary lifestyle and wrong food choices. If your health is compromised, it will affect your wealth too because of high medical costs!

Lastly, unhealthy practices put finances in the wrong places. By making poor choices, it will halt your financial growth and exhaust resources at the same time.


Here are some tips that will help you achieve both health and wealth:

·      Make physical activities a routine. Some minor adjustments in daily activities could lead to a healthier lifestyle. For instance, walking or biking instead of a riding car can already help improve your wellness while also saving money and protecting the environment.

·      Go for healthy food choices. While it’s okay to indulge once in a while, it is best to choose healthy alternatives that will keep costs and illnesses at bay. Go for unprocessed foods and eat whole foods like fruits and vegetables—this is much healthier for you and costs less, too.

·      Get enough rest and sleep. Lack of rest can make you physically and mentally tired. This can lead to poor attention span, lack of focus, and even injuries or accidents. These consequences can affect your health and may come with related medical costs.

·      Instill discipline. This is a virtue that can help you overcome challenges. Discipline will help you to stay focused on achieving your goals and be successful in making changes or improvements in your life.

·      Prepare for uncertainties. Life comes with surprises—some sweet, others bitter. Worst case scenario is that it may also come with unexpected expenses. As uncertainties are a part of life, there’s no better way to handle them than to stay prepared for whatever may come. Building and maintaining your emergency fund is one way to prepare for life’s surprises. Set aside funds that you can use to cover unplanned expenses such as renovation costs, car repairs, health emergencies, and the like.

·      Consider health when saving for the future. Saving will allow you to get a head start in wealth building. Even small amounts of your money can yield wealth when saving becomes a habit. However, your health must be taken into consideration when saving for the future, because health problems could lead to major financial breakdowns too. Tools such as a  Health and Wellness Planner can help you learn about medical expenses and how to prepare for them.


While investments and savings are important, it would also be best to have a health insurance. With Sun Life as your Partner for Life, your needs are met when uncertainties happen – and your future is not compromised.

Remember, having healthy family habits and practices help you live your best life. Stick to practices that not only influence physical and mental wellness for the better but those that will shape you to a more secure, protected, and brighter future for your finances, too.

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