All you need is a cup of fresh warm cooked rice, some nori strips, and deliciously healthy leftovers to make your child's lunch look spook-tacular.


  • 1/2 cup rice
    *White rice is gluten free.
  • Cooked sliced ham
    *Sweet ham contains protein, iron, fat, and calcium.
  • White cheddar cheese
    *Cheese is high in calcium & vitamins.
  • Nori strips


  • Cling wrap
  • Kitchen shears

Prep time / Cooking Time:

  • 10 minutes

Total Budget:

  • P25-30 per cup of rice
    *You may use any leftover or favourite healthy meals served at home as part of the ingredient.


1. Place rice onto the center of a sheet of cling wrap. Hold ends together to form a small sack.

2. Massage and mold the rice ball into an oval shape. Gently form the bottom part into a ghost's tail. (Set aside.)

3. Take 1 tsp. of rice and place it in the centre of a smaller sheet of cling wrap. Hold ends together and gently massage the rice to form the ghost's arms.

4. Take a strip of nori and cut 2 circles for the eyes (about the size of a 25 centavo coin), a thin curved line for the ghost's smile, and several strips about 1 cm long for his teeth. (Set aside.)

5. Use your kitchen shears to cut ham cheeks. (Set aside.)
*Tip: You may use the excess ingredients for your bento's sidings and garnishing.


Gently unwrap the ghost's body and put it in your bento box. Next, unwrap the arms one at a time and stick them on to ghost's arms area

Put the ghost's eyes, mouth and ham cheeks on its face.  You may also opt to use a toothpick for the finer strips.

Nikki Garcia

Nikki Garcia is a blogger at and a stay at home mom of three. She is making bento art since 2015 as a way to entice her picky eaters to eat well.