Raising kids can be challenging. With so many influences around them, parents need to be extra mindful of what their children are exploring online and offline. But it is hard to correct them if we haven't built a strong relationship with them. The better our connection with our kids, the better they will listen to what we have to say to them.

Here are simple ways we can build our connection with our kids:

1. Spend quality time

TIME is how children spell love. Spending quality time with them like eating together or being there on their special moments would mean a lot to them.

2. Encourage them

Be their number 1 fan and supporter. Speaking words of encouragement and praising their positive traits will not just boost their confidence but will also build their trust in us.

 3. Guide with grace 

Proper guidance, teaching them the consequences of their actions, giving sound advice, and making them feel that we truly care for them will help a lot in establishing a connection with our kids

4. Be their best friend

When it comes to our children, we need to be firm and loving at the same time. We should dive into their world, play, laugh, and even cry with them. We should share their interest so we can understand them more. In time, this can establish trust and open communication among family members.

5. Teach them life skills

There is a saying that "We don't need to buy our children stuff that we didn't have before, instead, teach them things that we weren't taught." Sound management is one of the most important but overlooked topic in most Filipino households; we seldom get 'the money talk' growing up.

For us to instill this to our children, it is important to establish first a connection with them. When we have a steadfast relationship with our children, we can pass on financial lessons such as living within our means, practicing generosity, investing, putting something aside for savings, and breaking the poverty mindset.

 Need more inspiration? This video of Father and Son - Piolo and Inigo - dubbed as “Bro,” is a great reminder that distance, busy-ness, and work can never be a hindrance to building a connection with our children. We just need to be intentional in reaching out to them and preparing them for who they will be in the future.

Gracie Maulion

Gracie is a hands-on mom, small business owner and a mom blogger. She is a frugal and intentional living advocate, she believes that there’s joy in simplicity. Discover her tipid tips and other mommy hacks at www.tipidmommy.com