Summer is a time for relaxation, for sure. But for parents, it can be a source of anxiety. For while it’s a relief not to think about your kid’s assignment load after you’ve waded through hours of metro traffic, you’re left to wonder what activities the young one will fill his/her days with.

This is especially true if you’re worried that your kid spends too much time playing games on their console, or on their gadgets.

Thankfully, we now have a lot of options with regards to different activities they can engage in and that would suit whatever budget you may have to spare. Here are some of them:


Bert Lozada Swim School

P5000++ for 10 sessions

Kids love water. Sure, they may hate the thought of baths once in a while, but put them in a pool and they can easily spend the whole day there. Besides, swimming is an essential and practical skill your kid would benefit from, now and in the future.


KMA Fitness and Martial Arts

P1500++ for 4 Sessions

Another practical skill your kid might thank you for in the future is martial arts. Aside from the skills they will acquire, they will also benefit from the discipline that is inherent in all martial arts lessons, not to mention the self-confidence they will build within themselves.


Ninja Academy

P600 per session

If you’re blessed with a tireless and frisky kid, you may want to channel his/her energy into something he/she would definitely enjoy—parkour. Your kid will be able to jump and perform somersaults under the watchful eye of a trained professional. 

Imagine your childhood fantasies of jumping around rooftops and becoming a ninja. In fact, it looks so much fun that you just might find yourself wanting to jump in on the lessons yourself.



P250 per hour per person (weekday rate; it’s P350 on weekends)

A sure-fire way to expend your kid’s energy would be to spend an hour jumping up and down a trampoline. Jumpyard offers different trampoline playgrounds that your kid (and you, of course) can choose from. 

They also maintain a safe environment for everyone, so you can be assured of your young one’s safety at all times.


Wherever he/she is

Costs nothing

Of course, there’s always this option. A lot of times we, as parents, find ourselves stressing out over what our kids should be doing to fill the day that we forget that boredom actually has its own purpose in their  upbringing. Experts found out that boredom actually fires up their imagination.

Let them run around the house, or mimic their favorite superhero moves. Make sure that their toys are not locked away while you’re at work. Don’t be that parent.

Mike Diez

Mike has been pretty busy and prolific: a writer and editor-in-chief in publishing, a producer of radio shows, a deejay, and most of all, a hands-on dad. Follow him on Twitter via @mzeid.