Organic food is all the rage nowadays, but you often wonder if you should join the bandwagon. How different is organic food from the regular produce we’ve been eating? Is it worth the additional cost? What are the benefits to my health anyway? These are the common questions you may have about going organic and we try to answer them with these five benefits of organic food:

  1. Pesticide-free Food. Farmers usually spray 2 to 12 different kinds of synthetic pesticides on their crop. On average, the food we eat, be it fruits or vegetables, have at least 3 to 4 pesticide residue. Organic food is completely free of these pesticides.
  2. More nutritious food. Organic crops that are grown in healthy soil contain more antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins than their regular counterparts. Just by choosing to go organic, we provide our bodies with more nutrients.
  3. Less exposure to hormones and antibiotics. Most farmers feed animals hormones and antibiotics to improve their growth. Organic food, however, does not have any of these harmful chemicals that can be detrimental to our health when eaten.
  4. Treat animals better. Unlike other animals that are caged or raised in crowded farms, organically raised animals are treated with more respect. They are raised outdoors with ample space and are allowed to behave naturally.
  5. Eat tastier food. Organic produce have less concentration of water and sugar, contain no artificial food colors and preservatives, and, last but not the least, they contain more flavor-enhancing nutrients making your organic food tastier.