Since I started working as a fitness and weight management coach, I have closely witnessed the consequences of carrying extra weight in the body physically and psychologically. I bring a weighing scale during weight management sessions because initial health and fitness assessments always include getting the person's height and bodyweight to identify Body Mass Index (BMI). It is computed by dividing the actual body weight in kilograms (kgs) by height in meters squared (m²) or:


Body Mass Index = Weight in kg / Height in m²

A BMI of more than 25 is considered overweight and 18.5 below is classified as underweight. I agree with health experts and the results of studies, implying that BMI shouldn't be the only basis in assessing one's overall health because there are more important parameters to be considered. However, being aware of one's BMI and aiming to be in the normal range can play a huge part in one's health. Here's why:


Weight and health management

An abnormal BMI can alert the person and health professional to gather more information and check other health parameters such as waist-to-hip ratio, body fat percentage, blood pressure, lipid profile and a lot more so that appropriate implementation of plans and actions to existing conditions can take place right away, while preventing other health issues.


Injury prevention

An overweight person can be physically fit in terms of strength, flexibility and endurance, but repetitively engaging in weight-bearing activities like running, dancing, high-intensity interval training and even just brisk walking on prolonged periods with extra body weight can affect the back, knees and other joints.


Better performance

Having a normal body weight can make you more at ease and functional in your daily activities. You can always try various physical activities while feeling safe. You can actively explore more places around the globe with lesser risk of injuries. You can perform better in endurance and adventure sports like running and hiking.


Quality of life

Achieving and maintaining a normal weight will give you more calmness, confidence, and comfort in your daily life knowing that you are managing your weight and health. You can save yourself from stressful situations and worries from health issues. Most of all, you can always experience freedom in doing what you love and what you want because your body won't limit you to do so.