Many of us suffer from chronic stress that may eventually lead to burn out and many other health ailments. Studies show that stress lowers our immune system, leads to accelerated aging, depression and even shrinks the brain, among other things. If you are currently not able to combat stress with a personal regimen, here are a few ideas that will help recharge your batteries before you go kaput.

  1. Just Go With The Flow: Flow Retreats have started crafting Mystery Tours, which are half day urban retreats catering to people who do not have the luxury of spending time or money away from Manila. Sign up for one of their tours not knowing where you will go, what at you will do or eat but they guarantee a revitalizing time with their activities, health foods and socializing with other kindred souls. Check out for the registration link.
  2. Find Your Zen: The Ocean Sky Monastery in Little Baguio, San Juan offers weekly meditation classes to anyone interested in the teachings. “The classes and activities all aim to help people purify their minds, to focus, calm down, begin to see things as they are, and to be awakened.” They even have classes for kids, too! Find more details and schedules on All classes are free but are open to donations.
  3. There’s the Rub: Touch is a powerful healing modality that is often forgotten or neglected. Leelu Mobile Massage is a professional home massage service that offers 3 massage techniques for your different body needs: Footsies is an Ingham Foot Reflexology Method, Lalaland is a Swedish body massage and the Happy Mummy is for prenatal or post-natal mothers. SMS or call 0920-9329680 to schedule a massage.
  4. Let It All Go: Yin Yoga is all about release. The release of tension buried deep in our muscles, fascia tissue, the release of old traumas and the release of old thought patterns are all experienced in a Yin Yoga class. You may find this very liberating and deeply relaxing. Beyond Yoga offers these classes daily. Find a studio near you, visit