How you start your day is key to a more energized and efficient day. One way you can maximize your morning is with daily habits derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, an ancient form of preventive medicine that is based on naturalistic philosophies and science. Here’s how you can incorporate these habits today. 

Rise to a Ritual (Before 6 AM)

Wake up and get out of bed before the sun rises. We often feel like we do not have enough time for ourselves. But getting a head start before the rest of the world rises, and more importantly, getting ahead of your day, sets the direction for successful habits.

Stimulate your Stomach (6 to 7 AM)

Drink an 8 to 16-ounce glass of warm or hot water as soon as you wake up. This helps stimulate your stomach and colons that will ultimately benefit your digestive health.

Move and Squat (7 to 9 AM)

Move your joints then move your bowels or vice versa. Movement and digestive health go hand in hand. Exercise is optional but movement is essential. It should be a basic practice to start your day by cleaning out your system from the wastes of yesterday. Form the healthy habit of moving your bowels as soon as you wake up.

Before starting your day with any exercise routine, commit to developing a morning mobility training routine by moving each joint before you start your day. Perform 2-minute joint rotations for each joint every day. Moving each joint ensures circulation and blood flow for optimal organ function.

Take a moment to stay in a deep squat each day. Your capacity to sit and rest on a full ass-to-grass squat says a lot about your health. Our entire digestive processes are optimal in this posture.

Breathe and Break the Fast (Before 9 AM)

After your movement practice, get in a comfortable upright position, close your eyes, and breathe. Give yourself a moment to practice your breathing for at least 5-10 minutes before you prepare for your day. Get your mind and body in-tune with your breath.

You wouldn’t go on a road trip before you fuel-up the tank and you’d also be very particular with what type of gas you’ll be using your car. Similarly, you should also fuel up and eat your breakfast like the king or queen that you are. The fuel on which your body operates is blood and the quality of it is determined by the food you put in your mouth. Remember that you are what you eat, so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake.