Cramming for a gift? Fear not, just visit a nearby sports store or any department store to find these nifty and practical items just in time for exchanging gifts!

  1. Fitness Wearables - Fitness trackers, bands, or watches are digital monitors that track your physical activity and even your sleeping quality. Some wearables also track your running mileage and even your active heart rate. Great for anyone who wants extra motivation and guidance on all their exercise activities.
  2. Yoga Mats - Everyone who loves yoga can appreciate a yoga mat for a gift. It can also be useful for doing floor exercises like sit-ups or pushups. With its sticky grip on the floor, you can rest assured the recipient won’t slide away from a good workout.
  3. Travel Neck Pillows - Always getting a stiff neck during long flights or when sleeping in traffic? These neck pillows can keep one’s neck aligned while napping and helps with better breathing while in sitting position for long periods of time.
  4. Exercise Bands/ Tubings - The lightest and most portable gym equipment on the planet. You can do almost a thousand exercises on a single exercise band while allowing you to choose your level of resistance and color to match your personal taste.
  5. Coconut Oil - One of the healthiest oils on the market. Great source of good fats, which makes it ideal for cooking. It also helps improve digestion and boosts good cholesterol levels. Coconut oil is also used to nourish dry hair or moisturize skin.
  6. Green tea - Green tea contains natural chemicals called polyphenols, which are found to be anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic. They also contain catechins which are potent anti-oxidants that prevent cellular damage.
  7. Exercise Studio/ Gym Passes - Need to encourage someone to start or maintain a healthy lifestyle? Giving them a complimentary pass to a popular exercise studio or gym can bring them closer to starting a healthy lifestyle. Pilates studios, yoga centers, and even circuit training gyms offer guest passes which they allocate to attract new participants. You can even purchase them online or in the studio.