Nowadays, people are finding it increasingly hard to allot time for exercise. The daily grind coupled with increasing work demands will inevitably get in the way of your gym time, even if you know that it’s important. Because of that, exercise routines like circuit training and high-intensity interval training are all the rage because of the promise of results given the short amount of time. A circuit training session usually lasts 30-45 minutes, around the same time for high-intensity interval training but aside from the convenience of a shorter session, there are other reasons why it’s a good time to try circuit training.

        1. Cardio + Strength

The good thing about circuit training when you compare it to traditional aerobic exercises like running, swimming, or biking, is that you not only work on your cardiovascular endurance, but you also work on your strength. A good circuit training program takes you through different strength exercises with minimal recovery time in between. This good combination of cardio and strength training makes circuit training time-efficient for you.

        2. Social Activity

Working out has been proven to be usually more effective when done in a group or social setting. Not only are there physiological (or physical) benefits but there are also social and psychological benefits to working out with a group. The onset of fatigue is prolonged, meaning you get tired later than sooner. Your effort level increases, meaning you can do more work. The form also improves since you have other people checking if you’re doing the exercises right. And of course, it’s just more fun working out with friends than it is on your own.

        3. Total Body Workout

Because you are working on both your cardiovascular and muscular needs, circuit training also becomes a total body workout in a small amount of time. Usually, you would need an hour or slightly more to work out the entire body, but with the continuous nature of circuit training, you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the gym. A good circuit training program will have you working for the different muscle groups in rapid succession giving you a well-balanced workout.

        4. Functional Fitness

A good circuit training program also promotes functional fitness. If the program promotes functional fitness and uses free weights and multi-planar movements then you are getting a well-balanced workout, which promotes the proper function of the human body. The starts and stops in circuit training also mimic a lot of sports so if you have the function of being an athlete, this is a great training program to do. Still, even if you’re not an athlete, the movements that you see in a good program can improve daily activities, which ultimately improve your quality of life.