Don’t let the temperature stop you from staying active and healthy this summer. Instead, turn this opportunity into trying new fitness activities, exploring more exercise-friendly paces and meeting new people who can inspire you to stay motivated in your journey. Just always be prepared to beat the heat wherever you go with these wellness essentials:


Sports bag

A lightweight, durable and sweat/water-resistant sports bag is the key to survive and complete a successful active day.  So choose a functional bag that can perfectly match your typical day, personality and current indoor or outdoor fitness activities.  Make sure that your bag has enough space and compartments for shoes or slippers, food and water, exercise clothes, used/wet clothes, towel, toiletries, vanity kit, sunscreen lotion, phone, laptop and other summer essentials.


Water bottle

Choose an insulated water bottle to keep the water cold for hours and to effectively manage your hydration habits. Note that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not even enough for this type of weather, plus the demands of your daily physical activities including household chores, lifestyle walking and formal workouts.


Workout towels

Get a microfiber towel that is lightweight, dries quickly and has great absorbency. Don’t forget to bring an extra towel for post-workout since you can still be sweating while walking to your car or dining out after you exercise.


Change of clothes and workout shoes

Prepare your body to sweat and to complete your activity or step goals for the day. Just make sure that you always pack a set or two of breathable and lightweight workout clothes the night before your active day: sleeveless tops, comfortable shorts or pants, shoes and slippers, bra top for women, underwear and socks. Don’t forget your digital fitness tracker if you have one!


Handy, healthy snacks

The heat can prevent you from eating your scheduled meals. Skipping meals and/or snacks can contribute to overeating on a later time of the day. Always keep healthy snacks readily available wherever you go like fruits (banana, orange or apple), boiled egg, a serving (about 30 grams or 2 tbsp.) of nuts, seeds, trail mix or whole grain bread and natural peanut butter sandwich and all-natural protein bars.