It’s always been said that “health is wealth.” With the growing number of gyms and fitness clubs sprouting all over the metro, it seems the easiest way to stay fit is by paying a hefty amount for a gym membership. But on the contrary, living a healthy life and engaging in physical activities need not break the bank.

Here are 5 ways to get healthy and fit without busting your budget.

  1. Do bodyweight exercises.

    Doing bodyweight exercises is a simple way to get active without spending too much. These improve flexibility, balance, and overall strength without the need of any gym equipment. Its various forms and styles target specific body parts, from your arms, to your core, to your legs.

  2. Work out with a friend.

    Studies show that people are more successful in committing to a workout routine when the goal is shared with an exercise buddy. It’s a fun way to bond with your friend (or special friend, wink wink!) because you won’t need a trainer to spot you, and you have someone to encourage you to get off your butt when you start feeling lazy.

  3. Take up running.

    It isn’t a wonder why more and more people are getting into running. It’s a cheap way to get healthy and fit when you keep it simple and stick to the basics. You only need to invest in a good, sturdy pair of running shoes to get started, and a good path or location to explore on foot. Do this anywhere, rain or shine – just arm yourself with a good sense of direction and a zest for adventure as you explore the city streets.

  4. Go online.

    The internet is a treasure trove of workout videos that won’t cost you a penny. YouTube is a good place to start when looking for workout videos like aerobics, zumba or yoga, giving you the option to change your routine every day, depending on your mood. Meanwhile, some websites only require that you sign up for their newsletter, in exchange for access to their videos which you can watch or download at your convenient time.

    You can also go for online deals that offer trial classes for workout sessions and sports activities, allowing you to try several types of exercise. As a result, you are able to vary your workout, avoid boredom, and find options that make a good mix for a fun workout.

  5. Walk in your neighborhood.

    Studies have shown that walking for at least 30 minutes is a good start for those looking to begin a healthy exercise habit. This is also a good way to strengthen your legs before delving further into running.


Sophie Avellana Sophie Avellana

Sophie Avellana

A writer by profession, Sophie Avellana is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about sharing ways to stay healthy without breaking your budget.