Come Christmas season, we generally let loose and let go of our diet and workout plans. However, one must bear in mind that whatever your body is after all the festivities will be the foundation you will have to work with once January hits. So, if you can, opt to invest more in your body’s “foundation” so that losing weight and keeping healthy won’t be such a struggle come 2017. Here are a few tips to help keep healthy and fit:

  • Water up! When things get busy, we often forget crucial and simple things, like drinking water. If you must, set a “water alarm” on your phone to remind you to keep sipping. Water will not only keep you hydrated, but will also help keep your skin looking good.
  • Keep snacking During the busy holidays, another thing that is often forgotten is proper eating schedule. Apart from the 3 main meals, it is a good idea to keep snacking. Good snack options include fresh fruits. Keep a banana, apples, or oranges in your purse or car for instant snacks that are easy to eat. Avoid snacking on junk food in order to keep the body from excess sodium and MSG. Keeping away from junk food also helps ensure that your immune system remains great.
  • Allocate 30 minutes a day to some form of exercise Some may argue that there is absolutely no time for exercise during Christmas season. However, 30 minutes is actually just about 2% of your day. Doing a quick 30-minute weight training session 5 out of 7 days will definitely set a great foundation for your body. On other days, when you are at the mall doing last minute shopping, take the time to walk as much as you can. You’d be surprised how many steps you can accumulate when shopping, and you won’t even notice the time pass.

Even though Christmas is the season for eating and festivities, just remember it isn’t an excuse to abuse your body.