You’ve started the year right and you’ve been seeing progress in your fitness journey, but sometimes, you can’t control some challenges that can negatively affect your thoughts and momentum. Here are some ways to approach the following situations constructively.



“After all the effort I exerted this week, I still gained weight! How did this happen?”

Do not let a single weigh-in affect your entire day. Before you react negatively, consider first the factors that can cause weight gain, such as lack of physical activity, PMS, overeating, water weight from salty foods, extra lean mass, lack of sleep, medications, and stress. Instead of getting depressed while putting while blaming yourself or others, analyze the complete picture and work on the situation positively.  If you are just starting your fitness journey, recognize your fitness improvements first, how good you feel about the lifestyle change and then consider weight loss as your bonus.


Comparing self with others

“My friend looks fitter than me. I feel so bad right now. I can never be like her.”

Fit and healthy people that we encounter also have their own struggles, but they work hard to overcome their fears and weaknesses. Let them inspire and encourage you to continue your fitness journey. You are unique, you have your own story, so do not compare yourself with others. Right now, you have the capability to be the best version of yourself. Give more love and trust to yourself and do not let negative thoughts sabotage your goals and dreams.


Diet relapse

“I’ve been good the whole week, but today, I ate a bag of chips! I couldn’t control it.”

Do not let a minor lapse ruin your healthy lifestyle journey. Recognize your weaknesses, forgive yourself for some shortcomings, then shift your attention more to your strengths so you can effectively deal with your problems. Yes, you can lose weight by sticking to a perfectionist diet, but how long can you sustain it? If you feel so deprived most of the time, you always think about food and you find it hard to control yourself when temptation sets in, then you might need to consider a different strategy - learning to live in moderation. Find ways to take charge of your eating. Don’t let a diet rule your life.


Daily life hassles

“What a stressful day at work! Plus I wasn’t able to workout because of the traffic. I am so tired.”

If you can’t control the situation, then just be prepared to deal with your daily stressors. You can face unexpected circumstances like traffic, overtime at work and family issues by preparing yourself emotionally and always having a game plan. Negative emotions like anger and hopelessness cannot resolve the issues. Plan ahead and consider other options. If you find it hard to workout after work, consider a morning or noon exercise schedule. You can even squeeze in a quick bodyweight workout at home. Try making it a habit to move and walk more during the day, too.