According to the Food and Nutrition Research Institute, 22% of Filipino adults are overweight. Sadly, our children haven’t been spared from our health problems. 5% of Filipino children and 8% of teens are overweight or obese. It has been noted that most Filipino children are not physically active during the school day, except in physical education classes. How can we raise healthier children? Here are top tips to help our kids become more active:

Go offline. Gone are the days when children used to spend hours playing outdoors with friends. Most children are now glued to their smartphone, tablet, or computer rather than engaging in physical activity or interacting with playmates. Set clear house rules with your kids on the number of hours they can go online. Experts recommend only 2 hours of internet use per day.

Be a role model. Children learn more by example than words. For you to have active children, it’s best that you live an active lifestyle as well. Just by seeing you passionate about a sport or working out on weekends, your children will know that you value fitness and health.

Join events or classes. You can sign up for fitness events as a family, such as your local fun run or swimming sessions. You can also check with your child’s school if they offer after-school extra-curricular activities or even encourage your child to join the varsity team of his/her school.

Get moving. You don’t have to get your child into a serious sport for him to live a more active lifestyle. As a family, you can simply choose to engage in more physical activities on weekends, such as swimming or strolling at the park, rather than just watching television at home.

Keep it fun. Whether you’re talking to an adult or a child, fitness should always be enjoyable. Make sure that you consider your child’s preferences and interests when helping him choose a physical activity. This will ensure that your child will get fitter and healthier while having a great time.