Everybody has a certain goal when it comes training in the gym. Whether it is to lose 50 pounds, run your first 42-kilometer marathon or make your first 100-pound bench press...having that specific goal makes us go to the gym day in and day out no matter what happens.

Here are some benefits of having a purpose-driven-training-mindset:

  1. Pushing through: Working out can be really hard. Sometimes you are tired at work or tired doing chores at home. Having the right mindset of having a certain purpose makes you push through and still go to the gym. Having that certain purpose will give you that extra boost.
  2. Mindset outside the gym: If you are planning to compete in a fitness contest then you need to convince yourself to adjust your life outside the gym. This is why you have training cycles. In this cycle, it is VERY important to have purpose driven training for you to hold on until the end of the competition to party. Having a purpose driven training mindset also provides you to have that discipline not to stay up late at night just for a TV show. Lastly, having a purpose driven training mindset will prevent you from being a fast food hopper since you need to focus on optimal nutrition. You want to be dialed in for the competition. Adjust your life outside the gym. Yes, this includes your sleeping and eating habits.
  3. Paying attention to detail: You are training hard and it is perfectly normal for you to always look for that extra something to improve yourself. More often than not, this line of thinking leads a person to pay extra attention to detail. Recording your set is important if you want to know if you are executing the movements properly. Researching over the internet becomes your past time since you want to learn more. Look at it as a healthy way of being obsessed in improving yourself. You are after all training with a purpose.
  4. Being a part of a community: If you already have this purpose driven training mindset then it is safe to say that you found yourself talking to people who share the same passion. This is one of the best benefits of training with a purpose. This is why you always see group running or group based lifting because having this community helps you and more commonly enhances your drive to train. Being a part of a training community is very cool and comforting because you are training for a common purpose.

It is critical for you have a purpose driven mindset. It can certainly make a difference.