Your attitude affects your overall well-being. The energy you have from within reflects on how you face your day. If you are always excited about life, regardless of the daily challenges, then you can always face your fears and weaknesses, no matter what, as a result, you can achieve your life goals and dreams. Here are some strong and positive life statements you can always think of as you face the New Year.


Being positive and practice moderation: “Let go of the negative feelings from the past, but always learn from your experience so you can look forward to a positive future.” Don’t repeat the same mistakes you’ve done in the past. Break the vicious cycle dieting-bingeing and/or becoming sedentary-overexercising. Practice safe and sensible lifestyle and weight management strategies by approaching things in moderation so you can find the right program balance that will lead you to a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


Using your time to the fullest: “Don’t waste another second, minute, or day. Do what you can right here, right now. You always have what it takes to shine.”

You don’t have to wait for Mondays or the first day of each month in order for you to fix your diet and start exercising. Now is the time to make a change. Consider each new day an opportunity to do something good, better and new.


Doing your best: “Give your best in everything that you do so there won’t be any regrets.”

In every task that you do, you always have to give 100 percent of what you have and, regardless of the results, consider yourself a winner. This feeling will bring you limitless opportunities in life. Always believe in yourself that you can be at your best health and shape. Yes, it can happen and you can inspire more and more people to experience positive lifestyle change, all because of your winning attitude.


Taking charge: “You are always in control of your body and your life. Use your freedom of choice to make most out of your life.”

Don’t let other people dictate and pressure you on what fad diets to choose or which trendy exercises to try. You can consider their suggestions plus advice from the experts but, at the end of the day, use your experiences, lessons learned, preferences, personal goals, and current health state in choosing the best and the most realistic programs that you can sustain.