There are so many fitness trends out there, and all of them promise one thing or another – weight loss, trimming inches off your waist, quick solutions, or being the hip new thing. But a detail people forget about fitness is this – it’s a choice you have to make everyday. Looking for quick solutions or doing something just because it’s the cool new thing isn’t going to keep you motivated.

Pole dancing or pole fitness isn’t something that usually comes to mind when someone is looking for a workout. A lot of people have this misconception that you already have to be strong or sexy just to try it out. Some people already write it off as something that’s too risqué for them, without really knowing what happens in a class. Let’s see what actually takes place in a regular pole session, shall we?           

  1. Let’s talk about the outfit. Pole classes require you to wear short, stretchy shorts and a comfortable top. This isn’t because you need to look sexy- it’s because skin contact is important and foundational for pole. All of the tricks need some form of contact, and a lot of basic tricks require your legs. This is also why lotions and oils are an absolute no-no on the day of class, since that will only cause you to slip the whole time.
  2. You gotta warm it up. Every class will start with a set of warm-up exercises that are designed to open up your body and prepare it for the amazing new things you are about to do. Warm-ups are important for avoiding injuries and for optimizing movement, so you cannot miss this part of class!
  3. You might get a little frustrated. Spins? Climbs? Lifts? Sometimes, they’re a lot harder than they look. For some people, they get it instantly, for some it takes a little bit more work. But here’s the thing about your pole fitness journey- it’s yours and yours alone. Every student has his or her own path and progress, and as long as you keep on practicing, keep on trying, you are going to accomplish some things you never thought your body would be able to do.
  4. You’ll probably be pretty impressed with yourself. Maybe it will happen in your first class, maybe it will happen on your 5th. But there will come a time when suddenly, it clicks. Your brain is connecting to your body, you’re understanding the physics of a climb, how momentum can be used to maximize a spin, or how to engage the right muscles to be able to lift yourself just right. And then you’ll look at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself, “I can’t believe I just did that.” Guess what, my friend. You just did. 
  5. You’ll leave class a little bit more confident each time. Not only will you realize that your body could do such amazing feats, but pole also attracts some of the most positive and uplifting individuals. While you do have your own pole journey, your teachers and classmates are always there to spot you, cheer you on, and give you tips on how to understand a trick or spin better. It’s a community, a rapidly growing one, and is always full of encouragement and positivity. When you come back to your next class, it isn’t even just about pole anymore- it’s about the people too.

As with every workout, when you partner pole fitness with a proper diet and commit to your classes, you will see amazing changes not only in your body, but in your mind as well. It’s a sport that’s very new, very challenging, and still constantly improving. But if you want an activity that strengthens not only your body, but your mind, confidence, and self-love as well, then pole fitness is definitely for you.