Being Filipino makes us adopt certain behaviors and habits that are native to our country. This goes for how we eat as well. But, did you know that there may be some Filipino eating habits that might be affecting your health?


The “Bahala na” mentality

The bahala na mentality can extend to how we eat or plan our meals. Most Filipinos do not take it upon themselves to plan their meals ahead or bring baon to work or school. The result: not being fully in control of what goes inside your body. Planning ahead means knowing when you are going to eat and what you are going to eat. When you are going to eat will help regulate your body’s metabolism by ensuring your regularly “top-up” your body with food. Going long periods without food encourages your metabolism to slow down. What you are going to eat means knowing what goes into your food: from the oil and condiments used to what exact meat part you are eating. Those who choose to be fully in control are the ones who bring baon. Although it is tedious, if you believe your body and your health is worth it, then it should be worth your time and effort as well.


The “i-e-exercise ko na lang” excuse

Another commonly heard excuse when it comes to food consumption is “i-e-exercise ko na lang.” However, the truth remains that you cannot out-exercise a bad diet. Exercising does not give you a license to go crazy in terms of what you eat. The quality of food matters if you want to stay healthy. Just remember, being thin does not always equate to being healthy. You can be underweight or your ideal weight but have lifestyle diseases. Make sure you are eating healthy food and exercise only to complement your food intake.


The “kailangan ng panulak” problem

Here’s another issue with how we Filipinos eat: the incessant need to pair the meals with sugary beverages. Iced tea that tastes more like sugar water, juices that have no nutritional value, sodas that are just plain bad – these are staples in a Filipino meal. The truth is, if you want to be truly healthy you should actually avoid drinking anything while you are eating to encourage your stomach enzymes to act. If you really need to drink, then stick to water. Just try a month of no sugary drinks and see how your health will change.