Do you always try to keep in shape during the holidays, but find yourself with a bigger waistline by January 1?  Here’s a better way to approach the festive season without it ending in a “super-sized” disaster:

No. 1: Portion control is everything.

Eliminating or even limiting certain foods is brutally hard during the holidays. Hence, do the next best thing: Eat reasonably small portions, limit the foods you know you should limit, and don't stuff yourself.

No. 2: If you can't exercise, stay active.

Most people neglect their fitness routines during the holidays. However, by merely keeping yourself physically active, you can actually lessen the effects of your increased holiday intake. Walk more, use the stairs, do your chores, or play with your kids. These seemingly minor activities can actually be great at increasing caloric output without visiting the gym.

No. 3: Don't skip meals.

A common strategy during the holidays is to skip breakfast and lunch because you know a big dinner is coming, so you "save up" the calories for the celebration. Sadly, this strategy backfires because you come to the meal starving and wind up eating more than you ever intended for three square meals.

No. 4: Never arrive hungry.

High calorie foods are a lot harder to resist when you're famished and your blood sugar is in the pits. An ounce of prevention goes a long way. A piece of fruit or a slice of bread will keep your appetite at bay.

No. 5: Fiber is your secret weapon.

Fiber is supremely healthy and directly related to the reduction of risks for a host of diseases. It is also a huge player in the weight-loss field by contributing to an increased feeling of fullness. Make sure you have good fiber intake to avoid over indulging on the less healthy festive fare this season.