COVID-19 took the world by surprise. The past two years have brought changes that most people never imagined. The pandemic restricted the movements of people. It exposed vulnerabilities that left no one totally safe, even the health buffs. The high cost of hospitalization also proved to be a challenge especially when battling a new and life-threatening disease.

Given the consequences of the pandemic, the importance of health should never be underestimated. It’s good to know that most people have learned to adopt new habits and find new ways to stay healthy.

8 new ways to stay healthy in the new normal

1. Remote consultations

COVID-19 has taught people the advantage of getting things done online. Physical interactions present the risk of virus infection. Fortunately, remote consultations have been adopted to ensure access to relevant services without physical contact and prevent possible disease transmission. While remote consulting has been present even before the pandemic, it became more popular in recent years. Aside from medical consultations, other forms of remote consulting now include legal, business, and educational consulting.

2. Digital fitness

The pandemic has paved the way for more people to value the importance of fitness. While restrictions have prevented many from going to the gym during the pandemic, fitness buffs have found digital fitness as a suitable alternative to stay fit. Now, digital fitness offers a range of classes from yoga to CrossFit to bodyweight training.

3. Personalized diets

The importance of a healthy diet has been emphasized during the height of COVID-19. Proper nutrition contributes to good health and one can achieve better results if the diet being followed is designed for specific health needs. Personalized diets help in the creation of an eating plan which includes dietary recommendations based on body and lifestyle.

4. Mental health awareness

During the pandemic, the DOH reported that at least 3.6 million Filipinos battled with mental health issues such as depression, alcohol abuse, and mood disorders.

Health concerns and coping with new situations proved to be a challenge for some during the pandemic. Now, more attention is given to mental health not only for those affected but also to their support groups. Yoga, meditation, and counseling have been helpful for many, as well as digital apps that promote mental wellness.

5. Biking

Biking proved to be a safe and effective mode of transportation during the pandemic. Up to now, it helps people get around because of the safety and convenience that it allows. Bikes provide an open-air form of transport and allow physical distancing too.

Recently, cities in both developed and developing countries have deployed pop-up bike lanes. Governments have also taken measures to support the use of bikes by implementing road infrastructure changes.

6. Social relationships

Humans are social beings and it is imperative to stay socially connected no matter what the situation is. The “distance” that the pandemic has created among families, friends, and co-workers made more people realize the importance of staying connected. Thanks to the digital age, many have utilized technology to have “face-to-face” conversations and stay up-to-date about the significant people in their lives even as the world transitions to the new normal.

7. Long-term mindset

Prevention is better than cure and this applies to people who want to stay healthy and be free from the most common problems that arise when illness strikes, especially financial difficulties. Prepare for unforeseen events to avoid getting caught off-guard. One way to do this is by getting insured.

Studies show that Filipinos' appetite for insurance products increased due to the pandemic. Insurance can provide protection from critical illnesses. It gives peace of mind knowing that funds will be available when there's a need for treatments, rehabilitation, and other medical expenses. With health insurance, it will also be easier to recover from difficulties caused by a disease.


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Filipinos are known for their ability to overcome difficulties that come their way. While the pandemic brought new challenges for people worldwide, it’s good to know that Filipinos have learned to adopt new ways to stay healthy in the new normal.

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