Music is one of the most powerful mood enhancers for maximizing your workout experience. This is how it works so effectively:

  • Adds energy - it adds to the even the most dull and mundane gym atmospheres and creates a sense of energy and vibrance to your workout.
  • Dulls your senses – when listening to music, it helps to “distract” the mind from what your doing, allowing you to “push” further and harder than you usually train.

With these two key factors in mind, let me share with you great songs to get you ready for action and pumped up for a workout in the gym or when you’re out running.

For GYM:

  • Breaking a Sweat – Tanish Me This song not only has the right name, but it also taps into the high energy of electro dance music mixed in with a mellow flow. Get it on your playlist and you’ll be working out in full swing.
  • Feel the Burn - Viper Feel Another high energy, electro dance song that’s ready to amp up the atmosphere when you need it most. Play this song when you’re doing heavy squats or arms and need that extra push.
  • Higher Ground – Jagged Eagle Rock music will always deliver the energy you need to get you in a good mood. The song title even implies it’ll get you to a higher level. Play this either at the start of end of your workout.

For Running:

  • Good Feeling – Smooth Ryde This is a brilliant song to start you off. Its moderately high tempo and feel-good nature allows you to get started in the right mood.
  • Stomp to My Beat – Solo Construction A quick, choppy and upbeat song that is great while you’re in mid-run or when you’re in the “zone!”
  • Where Them Girls at – Olson Bjerre Another high pace, energetic yet melodic song that will continue to drive your mid session run from high to super intense.
  • (Your Love is) Lifting Me Higher – Mondo Libre A fantastic song to wrap up your running. This upbeat, feel-good song is a good for stretching down while feeling great from the runner’s high.