Technology is advancing at a very fast pace that we are playing catch up. In truth, ethical and moral maturity should move in line with technology.   This provides the needed balance for technological advancement to serve people.

If only each individual would find time learning to quiet the mind, people will freely let go of their inimical habits and we will see a positive change in the moral fiber of humanity.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to relax your mind? You may be lying by the beach on a sunny day, but if your mind is preoccupied with work, worries, social media, thinking of scenarios, then the mind is still noisy.

A simple meditation practice will help you make better decisions and act more wisely during these modern times. Here are five practical benefits of having a daily meditation practice:

  1. Meditation gives us a calm and peaceful demeanor which we can bring with us through out the day. It also helps us learn to manage strong negative emotions in our busy day.
  2. Meditation allows us to continue to be calm when others may find difficulty doing so.   Even if the situation is chaotic you will be able to manage without too much negativity.
  3. You will have a clear mind. The clarity that meditation provides is not simple understanding of a situation or a teaching merely by hearing it. It is a higher understanding where it changes your perception and how you deal with things. It is an understanding that cannot be fully explained but more experienced.
  4. Dealing with people becomes easier, if not a joy to do.   Your emotional intelligence increases. You become a more understanding and compassionate person because of meditation.   It even removes your “kasungitan”.
  5. Disciplining yourself will come naturally. This will help you over come your bad habits that prevent you from success or living a healthy life.

The only way to realize the helpfulness of meditation is to sit down and do it. Make your meditation today longer and deeper than yesterday.  As my Guru Paramahansa Yoganda would say, “If you lose your wealth, you have lost a little. If you lose your health, you have lost something. But, if you lose your peace of mind, then you have lost everything.”