Unhealthy habits like eating junk foods while watching television at night, smoking every after meal, too much alcohol drinking while with friends, and prolonged unproductive use of internet can significantly affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. But it’s not too late. There a lot of ways that you can positively do for your mind and body right now. Remember that you are always capable of being in control of your habits.

Observe your current routine.

Be mindful of how you spend your day from the moment you wake up until you fall asleep. What are these habits that can create a bad impact on your well-being, productivity and relationships? Enrich your motivation to change for the better by researching online, reading books, talking to the right people and attending health talks related to your concern.

Get a health check-up.

Schedule a basic health check-up and seek the advice of health experts as early as now.  Body composition (weight, body fat percentage and body mass index) and results of laboratory tests like lipid profile, uric acid level and sugar level can always give you a clearer picture on where to begin and what areas to focus on. Maybe it’s time to stop smoking, to start a healthy eating program or to join an exercise studio. Being aware of your actual health status can encourage you more to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle journey.

Determine your triggers so you can modify your behavior.

Replace current negative habits with healthier ones that can really enrich your well-being such as exercise, sports, healthy eating and mindfulness activities. Simply start by identifying the triggers which always leads to unhealthy habits, so you can effectively break the behavior chain. For example, availability of junk foods at home (the trigger) can cause mindless eating while watching Netflix (unhealthy behavior), therefore, you need to break the cycle by eliminating unhealthy foods (breaking the cycle) and making healthier foods like nuts and fruits readily available at home (healthier alternative plan) to break the cycle or habit. You can create a “habit journal” to organize your thoughts, monitor the process and evaluate your progress.

Practice mindfulness and stress management techniques.

Deeply connecting with your mind and body can do great wonders for your well-being. Start with short and simple breathing and meditation techniques at home. Check various mindfulness apps like Calm and Headspace. Go on wellness escapes like a yoga or mediation retreat, a hiking trip or a stress-free healthy and active vacation that can relax your mind, nourish your emotions and renew your body.

Do not hesitate to ask for support.

Communicate with your loved ones and ask for their help to remind you of your goals and tasks. Explore groups or online forums that can empower you to improve your habits and remind you that lifestyle modification is a lifelong process that requires patience, continuous effort, support and motivation.