Nothing kills motivation faster than lack of excitement, and I was actually suffering from a workout plateau until I saw the announcement on GoWell’s Instagram that Pound, an LA-based cardio-jam session that imitates the movement of playing the drums, is finally in Manila. As if that wasn’t interesting enough, Sun Life was also offering it for FREE to GoWell members, which I decided, right there and then, that I was going to be part of, ‘coz really, who says no to a free kick-ass workout?

GoWell, Sun Life’s health and wellness community, unleashed the inner rock-stars out of its members by treating us to an evening fitness session of Pound held last September 4 at Kerry Sports, as part of their monthly Community Class offerings.

It was my first time to attend both Pound and a GoWell Community Workout, and my takeaways are:

  1. The Pound sequence is so energizing, up-beat and cathartic that I barely realized that after an hour, we’ve actually already squatted 800 times!
  2. What makes this workout different aside from incorporating drum-beats is that it encourages a free-flow spirit which turns a fitness session into something like that of a concert.
  3. After the class, we were not only covered in sweat but also on invisible tears as the experience of freedom through such powerful sound and thrashing movement is in itself, a form of release. When we hit the hardwood floor with our drumsticks, we didn’t just burn calories, we off-loaded stress as well.
  4. Participants always have their game-face on, which raises the energy of the room. We actually feed-off on each other’s vibe, which provides that extra lift to push more even on moments when my legs felt like giving up or when my lungs screamed for water in the middle of the class.

Pound is just one of the classes offered to GoWell members. Community workouts are complimentary, as part of the company’s efforts to nurture a healthy and active lifestyle among its members.

“When you’re around people who want to be fit, you’re inspired, they give off great energy and you can feed off it,” shared Bods Principle, a GoWell Gold Member. His friend Faye Terrado who is a Teal member, also added that as classes offered in their gym is limited, the community class is “their way of experiencing new things.”

Signing-up with Go Well through the website is free. Members are given the opportunity to explore packages offered to GoWell Teal and Gold members. Depending on which one you choose to avail, you can participate in the hippest community classes one to four times a month. Members earn points from every activity they join which they can accumulate to earn rewards later-on. Aside from the community classes, the GoWell team also partnered up with fitness and wellness brands like Garmin, R.O.X., Runnr among many more to provide exclusive discounts to its community every time they decide to invest on their well-being. Sun Life also makes it a point to give its members access to the best Lifestyle content through Go Well; from blogs, videos, apps and events to make healthy living easier, simpler and more engaging.