We take about 1,000 breaths each hour.

This number emphasizes how important breathing is to every second of our lives. But apart from providing us with oxygen, breathing is also a powerful tool for healing and self-soothing. The best part is, it’s always accessible to us.

Every time we inhale, it creates space for calmness, and every time we exhale, it helps release tension and accumulated stress. Every deep breath purifies, cleanses, and restores our energy.

‘Conscious breathing’

Conscious breathing is one of the emotional ‘power tools’ I share in all my programs. It’s a simple way of enhancing our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The key to harnessing its power is by infusing awareness into our breathing habits.

Conscious breathing also allows us to connect with ourselves in a deeply spiritual way. If you’ve ever meditated, you may have noticed the difference in how you feel immediately when you open your eyes. With every expansive breath, our spiritual awareness and connection are awakened.

A powerful pause

Our breathing is essentially connected to how we are feeling.

When we experience distressing and overwhelming emotions, we often respond to it by holding our breath. Breathing slower and deeper into our diaphragm can take us out of our spiraling emotions. It can anchor us to the present moment, creating space between us and what we are feeling. In this space, we can pause, recalibrate, and go back to a place of clarity.  

So whenever you feel stressed, worried, or anxious, remember that you can change your emotional state by just taking deep belly breaths. There is power in your breathing and you can breathe new life into your mind, body, and spirit anytime!