Christmas is here and the season of love and giving also happens to be the season of bigger waistlines, lack of sleep and hangovers. For the people you truly care about, why not give gifts that promote health and wellness? If you're still drawing up your Christmas lists, here are some ideas to help you out:


For the Gym Rat, Athlete or Weekend Warrior For active folks, one can never have enough functional (but fashionable!) gear, and having new stuff can motivate them to show up for their next workout. Shop for:

  • Clothing - Dri-fit tops or bottoms, sports bras for the ladies, compression tights for the performance-driven and colorful socks for the fashionable friend!
  • Accessories - A nice BPA-free water bottle, sweat-wicking caps and visors, non-slip hair accessories or the latest wearable tech would sit well under any fitness fanatic's tree.


For the Person on a Diet It's easy to default to brownies, cupcakes and all kinds of sweets as gifts. But when people are trying to watch their diet you're not being helpful at all. Below are gifts they'll be sure to appreciate:

  • Paleo Breakfast Basket - Put together a basket of goodies to help them start the day right! Fill it with almond or nut milk and a paleo-friendly granola, local artisan coffee beans, high-quality whey protein, and maybe almond or coconut flour so they can make their own flour-free pancakes at home!
  • Healthy Snack Pack - Hand-pick several different kinds of nuts, artisanal dark chocolate bars and coconut chips, and save them from grabbing a donut in the middle of the day.
  • Sensible Indulgences - Get them a nice bottle of organic wine and a selection of cheeses from the deli. Do your research and taste test the wine and cheese before you buy so you can treat yourself while you're at it. :)


For the Extra-Special People for Whom Not Just Any Store-bought Gift Will Do Thinking of gifts for the super special people in your life can be a challenge because material things can sometimes seem superficial and temporary.  When buying an item isn’t enough, consider the following:

  • Destress Day - Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time! Ditch your devices and social media and spend a day with your bestie, parents or siblings and plan out a full itinerary for them to enjoy!  Do a spa or salon day, go for a walk in the park or an outdoor hike if they're up to it, plan a slow healthy lunch or dinner and enjoy the company and conversation.
  • Try out a new class or sport together! Take someone to their first yoga or boxing class, or schedule an easy run together even just once around your favorite neighborhood route.
  • Cook them a healthy meal.  Put your culinary skills to the test and prepare an entire healthy meal from scratch! Challenge yourself by using local, organic and in-season ingredients!
  • Health coaching! If a friend or family member can benefit from expert advice and support to get them started on their health journey, then sign them up for coaching services from a certified health coach!


Let's be givers of healthy, positive, good stuff this Christmas.  Enjoy the holidays, everyone!