Most of us are busy running to meetings, chasing after the kids, or rushing off to work. Despite the rush of daily life, we can still maintain a healthy diet by preparing healthy snacks to stave off hunger even while we’re constantly on the go. Here are 5 healthy snack recommendations:

  1. Sliced fruit such as apples, oranges, or banana. Pack some peanut or almond butter for some extra protein.
  2. A cup of popcorn with a pinch of sea salt can make for a light and portable snack.
  3. Carrot slices and hummus dip. You can search the net for easy hummus recipes or buy them bottled at Healthy Options and other specialty groceries.
  4. Fruit smoothies. Prepare your favorite smoothie before you leave home and drink it on the way to your meeting.
  5. Dried fruit and nuts. A handful of nuts can keep you feeling full for hours.