You don’t have to wait for a beach getaway or a brand new year to restart your fitness and health goals because at any moment you can renew your motivation. Taking good care of your body all day, all year can help you avoid the short and long-term detrimental effects of sedentary lifestyle, weight gain, stress and other health problems.

Here are reasons why it pays to be consistent in maintaining your overall wellness: 

1. You can avoid weight cycling that can negatively affect your metabolism, fat cells, and hormones.

Quick fix weight loss strategies like extreme diets and unrealistic exercise routines focus on immediate results and perfectionism that often leads to deprivation, burnout, and program termination. The weight loss-gain cycle can mess up your whole system. You will have a harder time managing your health and weight because significant weight gain/regain leads to slower metabolism, quick increase in fat cells, and hormonal imbalances.

2. You won’t have a difficult time when it comes to resuming your previous active lifestyle.

It is usually harder for someone to resume the motivation to go back to exercising after taking long breaks due to a decline in fitness level, lower self-confidence and fear of muscle soreness and injuries. Commit to fitness anytime and anywhere even just by doing the simplest form of exercises like walking or body weight training at home to at least maintain your fitness level.

3. You can easily face and adjust to high-risk situations all throughout the year.

High-risk situations like vacations, travel and holidays can play a huge impact on your eating, exercise, and sleep. However, if you are used to finding ways on how to burn calories even while on vacation and if you know how to apply portion control without depriving yourself as a result of the special circumstances, then maintaining your current health status is always easier.

4. You can readily attend to the demands of this fast-paced world.

Having a strong and healthy body at all times can make you mentally, emotionally and physically functional to what you are currently involved at be it work, relationships, or hobbies. You can always experience productivity and fulfillment in your daily encounters with life because your state of wellness brings out the best in you. You are well. You are healthy. You can produce more. You can give more. You can cope. You can always progress because you are capable.