So you want to get into triathlon? Training for three sports—swimming, biking, and running—while juggling a career and family life can be quite challenging, but, with numerous triathletes crossing the finish lines of olympic, half Ironman, and even full Ironman distance events, you know that getting into triathlon, and eventually living the triathlon lifestyle, is not just achievable but sustainable. Below are smart tips on how to get started with triathlon despite your busy schedule:


Hire a coach. A good triathlon coach will not just teach you proper technique and form, but also provide you with practical tips on racing, gear, and nutrition. This helps you reduce your learning curve and jumpstart your career as a new triathlete. Your coach will also provide you with a triathlon program, which will help you manage your schedule during your training period.

Start early. Most triathletes wake up in the wee hours of the morning to cross off their workout from their To-Do list and allow them to focus on work and family for the rest of the day. Working out in the morning also allows you to train without any distractions allowing you to have more time for other important matters.

Train efficiently. Make sure each workout is an efficient use of your time. Give your best effort to ensure that you are achieving your goal for that workout. On the same note, allow yourself enough time for rest and recovery so you can train well for a hard workout the next day. Remember that training longer doesn’t always mean you’re training better.

Enlist support. Inform your family about your newfound interest in triathlon and advise them of possible changes in your daily schedule. Training hours can be quite demanding so family members must fully support your decision to do triathlons and must be willing to adjust to a possible change in lifestyle, especially with weekends races out of town.

Prioritize. We know you’re passionate about triathlon, but always remember your priorities and use this as your guide in decision-making on a daily basis. Living a triathlon lifestyle while having a great career and happy family life is definitely achievable.