If you can set your mind to moving during the holidays, then weight control will be easier.


Set goals.

Focus on holiday fitness goals that are doable, realistic, and not too stressful for the occasion. Goals such as maintain your weight and/or fitness level, exploring new workouts, or accumulating certain number of steps per day/week (10,000 steps/day) can be accomplished during the season.


Choose enjoyable physical activities.

Engage in doable, enjoyable physical activities that will give you less pressure when it comes to completing the task such as walking or dancing alone or with friends. Of course activities will depend on your preference, personality, schedule, and current fitness level. Choose activities with intensity that can match your expectations and needs to fully enjoy the experience. People get more motivated to exercise when the intensity is just right, not too easy, and not too difficult.


Explore new workouts.

If you have the time and means, maybe now is the perfect time to finally try exercises you’ve wanted to do for a long time now. There might be several fitness centers and specialized exercise studios (Pilates, yoga, barre, indoor cycling, boot camp, boxing, etc.) closer to your place that might be interesting for you. Try one to three classes per week so that, by the end of the year, you have a clearer idea which workouts match your taste, body, goals, and fitness level.


Consider getting an exercise buddy.

Team up with someone or with a group of friends that can encourage you to be more consistent in your holiday fitness routine. Your spouse or special someone can be your best walking/running buddy on weekends. Your close friends can be your best exercise companions when trying out group fitness sessions on weekdays such as Zumba, CrossFit, boxing or indoor cycling.


Reward yourself.

It is best to give yourself with fitness or wellness-related rewards after completing a weekly exercise routine or completing your goal steps such as a full hour of massage, a pair of shoes, exercise outfit, fitness gadgets, or sports equipment that can motivate you to continue your fitness journey in 2017. Stop for a few seconds and take some time to think before you spend money for unhealthy foods. But, don’t think twice when it comes to spending and investing on your health and well-being.