The sweaty mornings and rising temperature signal the start of summer. While we’re all about going to the beach and enjoying the sun at this time of the year, it’s also important to take the necessary precautions when it comes to our health. Adjusting our nutrition according to the season can help boost immunity; and prevent dehydration and diseases. Try adding these fruits in season to help you enjoy summer without worries:

  1. Melon. In season from April to July, melons can be eaten in different ways: you can add it to a fruit bowl with milk, juice it, or just eat it plain. A perfect snack for out of town trips, melons contain high amounts of Vitamin B which helps in the body’s energy production. So if you need a bit of energy boost amidst the summer heat, a melon is your go-to fruit.
  2. Pineapple. Can be consumed fresh, juiced, or mixed with chicken or meat dishes, Pineapples are one of the country’s fruit exports. Next to Thailand, the Philippines is the largest producer of this fiber-rich fruit that’s fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium. We recommend this Fresh Fruit Chia Parfait recipe with pineapple for your next dessert!
  3. Mango. The country’s national fruit, mangoes are rich in fiber and nutrients such as Vitamin A and C which help boost immunity and growth. This low calorie fruit is in season from March to June. If you’re planning a trip to Guimaras for summer, don’t miss trying out their export-quality mangoes – the sweetest of them all. Recommended recipe: Mango Parfait perfect for a snack.
  4. Watermelon. A summertime staple, watermelon is the perfect fruit to counter the heat because it is mostly water and contains electrolytes, which helps prevent dehydration and heat exhaustion. Enjoy it raw or as a fruit shake.
  5. Papaya. One of the fruits in the Philippines that’s available throughout the year, Papaya helps improve digestion, prevents menstrual cramps, and boosts immunity. Albeit its sweet taste, this citrus-rich fruit is also good for diabetics because of its low-sugar content. Try this Papaya Boat recipe for breakfast. 
  6. Avocado. In season from February to July, avocados are good sources of monounsaturated fatty acids which help lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol. It’s also rich in potassium (more than bananas), which can support healthy heart blood pressure levels. Try making this Avocado Pesto Salad for lunch or this Chocolate Avocado Mousse for dessert.

Aside from the health benefits of seasonal fruits, it’s also best to take advantage of their availability at their peak because they come cheap and at their best quality. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest fruit stand and get these fruits while they’re still here! Sources: Interaksyon, Primer, Choose Philippines, and Healthline.