One thing that many of us like about the rain is how this is a perfect time to enjoy a cup of coffee, a bowl of hot soup, and enjoy snuggle time with loved ones. On the practical side, our electricity bills tend to be lower during the rainy season because there’s less need to use air conditioners and fans

While the rainy weather can be enjoyable, we also cannot deny that flu and other illnesses are common around this time. To help make your rainy months illness-proof, here are some tips on how to stay healthy for this season:

1. Always bring or wear your rain gear


Having an umbrella and other rain gears can protect us from being soaked in the rain. Wearing boots is advisable too during the rainy season to protect yourself against possible viruses and germs that can be found in flooded areas and stocked rainwater.


2. Protect your home from mosquitoes

Check your house for stagnant water. You can start by examining places that can breed mosquitoes such as the gutter, plant pots, and other areas. Dengue and Malaria are common during the rainy season so don’t forget to use insect repellents.


 3. Take extra vitamins


Load up on vitamin C, eat nutritious food, and drink lots of water. These will help boost our immune system against possible flu and viruses caused by the rainy season.

4. Wash hands often

Bacteria are more active during this season because of the moist environment, which is why it is important to wash hands before we eat, touch our face, and carry our kids. Additional tip: Have a sanitizer or alcohol in your bag.

5. Stay updated


Watch news, listen to the radio, and follow social media channels that update about the weather. This will help us prepare our trips and avoid flooded areas.


On top of the tips mentioned above, we need to allot a budget for wellness, doctor’s visit, and flu vaccines. It also pays to invest in a health card for medical emergencies.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. It is always better to keep our families protected and ready no matter what the season is.

May we all have a healthy and fun rainy season!

Gracie Maulion Gracie Maulion

Gracie Maulion

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