As beach season comes closer, starting a weight loss or a slim-down plan has become a popular endeavor. However, food deprivation and/or exercising to the max, when done incorrectly, may backfire way sooner than you think due to the overwhelming stress it delivers your body aside from increasing your risk to injury and catching the flu. So if you’re having problems with getting a smart weight loss strategy or if you feel you’re current weightless plan is getting you nowhere, try these tips to break out of the progress pothole:

  1. Change the type of workout or exercise. You need to keep on introducing something new so your body keeps guessing and adjusting which in return makes your body works harder in the same amount of time. For example, if you have been hitting the treadmill for quite some time now, you might want to try doing cycling or rowing.
  2. Revamp the number of days you work out. You might be on the road to overtraining if your exercise schedule demands you to exercise more than 5-6 days a week. You might want to try to squeeze in a harder workout in one day and try to rest the other exercise day. Be careful not to injure yourself in the process and try to consult a certified coach for better programming.
  3. Take charge of your food. Keep a journal of your food intake and try to identify food items that may still be reduced in your regular roster or which may contribute to fat gain. Keep an eye on high fat food, non-familiar/exotic food items, oily/salty snacks and food from questionable sources and ingredients.
  4. Change your food. Eating the same type of food or totally restricting a certain type of food will lead to a diet disaster in the long run. Remember, your body needs variety in food in order to get all the nutrients it needs.
  5. Try resting. You might be over stressed or over trained from you current workout. Back off 30-50% of you total exercise load (hours/intensity/days) for one week of every month of training. Sleep for 7-8 hours is also essential.