We all go through it – that massive dip in energy that tells us to skip our workout and stay in or hit the sack instead. And while it’s ultimately up to us to decide whether or not to train, there are a few ways you can win over the struggle of getting through a sweat session. The great thing about it is that these are likely already part of your usual routine but just a few tweaks can turn them into quick fixes for when it just feels impossible to get started.

  1. The Ultra-brief Nap. For years, much has been said against taking naps. Today, science backs up all the benefits of taking a power nap during the day and how it could positively affect your performance. Taking a nap that’s anywhere between 10-20 minutes long gives you the benefits of sleep without what’s called “Sleep Inertia” or the feeling of grogginess upon waking up. It may sound short, but it is important that you time your naps to a max of only 20 minutes (I personally take 12 to 15) to make sure it doesn’t backfire and leave you wanting to get more sleep.
  2. The Caffeine Fix. Although I do not recommend that you rely on caffeine to fuel your workouts, black coffee is my go-to during emergencies such as times when napping is not an option. Drink black coffee 20-30 minutes before you work out to give it enough time to kick in. Lay off the sugar to avoid any sudden crash.
  3. A Playlist. A good workout playlist never fails. Put together a playlist that consists of songs that personally push you. Our brains are wired to link sound to memories and feelings so consider this when building your list. Choose tracks that lift your mood. Studies show that listening to music prior to athletic activity increases arousal and improves performance while listening to music during athletic activity delays fatigue and lessens ones subjective perception of fatigue.