So you’re trying to cut down on sugar, but there are days when you feel like indulging in something sweet! Don’t worry, we’ve got healthy alternatives for you right here:


A simple and sensible indulgence loaded with anti-oxidants that deliver multiple health benefits. Choose dark chocolate that's at least 70%.  Many local artisanal chocolates are very high quality and getting really creative with local ingredients like pili nuts, cashews and even chili.  Since they often have added sugar, enjoy your dark choco in moderation.


Coconut milk is an alternative to dairy for anybody who's lactose-intolerant. It's also a healthy source of fat and is naturally sweet; an awesome choice for keto dieters! Try these desserts that are easy to make at home:

  1. Slice up some ripe avocado or a handful of strawberries, pour some chilled coconut milk on top and enjoy!
  2. Dairy-free Chocolate Mousse. Mix a can of chilled coconut cream with a couple of tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder. Add a tiny bit of honey if you must. Chill in the ref. Go crazy with it.
  3. Chia Seed pudding - Coconut milk with chia seeds chilled overnight makes a base pudding which you can top with nuts, seeds and a little bit of fruit.
  4. Coconut ice cream -  This is available from some local, small-batch ice cream makers but eat in moderation as they usually still add quite a bit of sugar. You may want to experiment with making your own at home.

And finally, PALEO GOODIES. 


I once went crazy making "Paleo-compliant" desserts from chocolate chip cookies to cupcakes, brownies and truffles and ended up gaining weight.  Indeed, honey and maple syrup have more nutrient value than white sugar, but at the end of the day, they're all added sugar.

Search online and you'll find a whole bunch of these recipes. I would recommend cutting the coconut sugar/honey/maple syrup by half, and make sure you've got someone to share the goodies with. Enjoy!