Because of too much celebration and happenings, it has been a common mistake of most people to forget about health, self-control, and fitness especially before the year ends. Keep in mind that just a day or over-eating and/or drinking coupled with zero movement can already lead to unfavorable consequences like weight gain, health/weight issues, sleep disturbances and even accidents.


Having ”I will start in January” Mindset

If you know you’ll have less control due to too much food temptations or unavoidable stressors, be strong enough to avoid procrastination. A lot of things can happen in December if you will always delay things and just daydream about being at your best on January 1. For instance, you could easily gain the five pounds you lost this year, your fitness level could easily decline, health problems may arise, and/or your mental health condition may be negatively affected.


Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep is considered as a stressor that may lead to health problem so sleep should always be prioritized as this can help control your eating effectively and provide you with enough energy to exercise the next day. Most people forget about the importance of getting enough sleep (7 to 8 hours a day), especially during holidays when there are so many things happening around. Try your best to fix your schedule, prioritize your sleep, your health, and your well-being so you can be more effective in dealing with the demands of this season.


Rewarding oneself with too much food

Rewarding oneself with available food is the most common reason why a lot of people gain weight during the holiday season. Most people will think about how hard they worked for the whole year and will use this to justify a reward such as favorite holiday foods and drinks like sweets, alcohol, fried foods, junk foods, and holiday goodies. Before the year ends, it is best to give yourself non-food rewards like clothes, massage, gadgets or any fitness/health-related things.


Avoiding any form of physical activity

Some people might be too lazy to move during the holiday season. Taking some time to rest or having some holiday break doesn't mean completely avoiding any form of physical activity. You need to move everyday no matter what, either by doing formal exercises or lifestyle physical activities in order to feel good, become productive, and avoid the health risks of having a sedentary lifestyle.