If you’ve started attending workout classes online, you’ve learned that it’s a different experience than your physical visit to the gym or studio fitness class. It may take some getting used to, but given the current health risks, online classes might be the best way to keep up with your exercise regimen and stay fit.


Here are bright ways you can follow to make the best out of your online fitness classes.

  1. Create your workout zone
    Find a space where you can move freely. You may need to move some furniture around which can be a bit of a hassle but it’s better to create space to avoid accidents and injuries. Make this space your “workout zone” so that whenever you step into it, your mind is conditioned to get moving.

  2. Set up your screen
    It’s important that you have a good view of the screen without the risk of straining your neck. If possible, stream the class on a wider screen like your TV for both standing and floor workouts.

  3. Turn on your camera
    It can be intimidating to turn on your camera when attending an online group class. But this action is important because your trainer or coach will need to see if you are executing the workout safely. Your trainer can guide you to ensure that you will not hurt yourself in the process. Never mind if you don’t get a yoga pose right the first time. That’s one of the reasons you’re in the online class in the first place – to learn and have a great time.

    Bonus tip: record your workouts so you can keep track of your progress. Replay them and take note of the areas where you can improve and do differently next time. You’ll be surprised to see the results of your hard work!

  4. Be on time and stay until the end
    Every workout has a warm-up, peak, and cool down. All three are necessary for you to go through to reap the benefits of the session. It can be tempting to check an email or log out early, but it is highly recommended that you complete each session just like how you would at a non-virtual class.

  5. Ask questions and be part of the community
    If there’s time for you to interact with the fitness instructor, take advantage of it. Don’t be shy and ask questions you may have about a certain part of the workout. It’s also a good thing to interact with other participants and encourage each other to do your best. Who knows, you might gain a workout buddy too!


Haven’t tried an online class yet? Check our GoWell EVENTS page regularly to see available monthly classes you can attend for free!