Dear Jaymie,

I’m training for my first half marathon and the past week has been quite challenging. Every time I step out to run, it’s drizzling or pouring. Some of my running friends have told me that they run rain or shine, but my other friends advised to stay indoors to avoid getting sick. What should I do?



Dear Michelle,

It can be tempting to skip a workout and sip hot chocolate in bed when the weather is terrible outside. We can tell ourselves we can’t run because we may get sick, it isn’t safe, or it’ll just be an unpleasant experience. Truth is, running under the rain is not just acceptable, but it can also be quite fun.

While one must use a good amount of common sense when deciding to run under the rain, such as when you’re nursing a cold, when you feel that your immunity is low, or when there’s a super typhoon, it’s perfectly safe and even therapeutic to run under the rain. Even better, since the weather is cooler, you actually feel like you can run longer with less effort. Running under the rain makes one feel like a child again!

Having said that, there are also disadvantages to doing this. Top of the list would be soaked socks and shoes. Running in wet shoes isn’t just uncomfortable, but it can cause blisters. You must also be extra careful with each step as the road is slippery or you may step on puddles that are deeper than expected.

Here are some tips for running under the rain… if you do decide to take the plunge (no pun intended):

  • Put petroleum jelly in areas of your skin where chafing may occur, under your arms, perimeter of your sports bra if you’re a woman, crotch of your shorts, and last but not the least, in between your toes, to avoid chafing.
  • Wear a light poncho. Wearing a raincoat or jacket is a good idea if the weather is cool and you expect rain throughout the entire run. Make sure that the jacket is made of lightweight, water- resistant material that doesn’t create too much noise when you swing your arms back and forth. My best recommendation, however, would be to wear a light poncho (less than P100 in True Value) that can be ripped apart and thrown away should the weather improve.
  • A common mistake made by runners is to drink less water in cool or rainy weather. Make sure you hydrate properly even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  • Wear a cap. Protect your head and even your eyes from the rain. Skip the shades and visor, of course.
  • Keep your valuables safe. Place your mobile phone, car keys, and cash in a plastic bag to protect them from getting wet.
  • After your run, shower immediately if you can, change into dry clothes, rest, and congratulate yourself for running despite the weather!