Dear Jaymie,

I started working out three times a week as my New Year’s Resolution. So far, I’ve been able to stick to it by regularly going to the gym despite how busy my work schedule is. But, I must confess, it’s getting a bit more challenging to convince myself to go each and every week! How do I keep myself motivated and fight the temptation to stay in bed or hang out with friends instead?


Dear Monica,

Congratulations for getting started on your fitness journey! It’s quite normal for you to encounter days when you lack motivation to workout and perhaps you may even feel like you’ve fallen into a slump. Don’t worry even elite athletes sometimes face this problem! The key is to practice strategies to keep yourself driven to workout and stay healthy. Here are 4 ways to stay motivated to keep up your fitness lifestyle:

Set a goal. Focus on a clear, long-term goal and work for that. Your goal could be a to run a 5k race three months from now, to fit into an old pair of jeans, or to lose 10 lbs. by summer. Whatever the goal is, make sure it is realistic and achievable so that it drives you to move even more.

Call a friend. Nothing helps to motivate you more than a friend who is expecting you at the gym. By setting a date with your fitness buddy, you can’t back out or make excuses. To add, working out with a friend makes the experience more enjoyable.

Keep it fun. Shake things up every now and then to prevent boredom and monotony. If you’re a gym rat, try trail running. If you’ve been heavily into zumba, then go swimming. Trying a variety of fitness activities makes your workouts feel more like play than work.

Think of a higher purpose. Aside from burning calories and looking great, think of the long-term benefits that good health can bless you with. By caring for your body, you get to live a longer life and spend more time with your loved ones.