Dear Jaymie,

Help! I registered for my first 10k run 3 months from now. I can run for 30 minutes straight, but I can’t imagine myself going any longer. How can I make sure I reach the finish line on race day?


Hi Dan,

First things first, congratulations on signing up for your first 10k! Three months is more than enough time to gradually build your mileage from 5k to 10k and ensure that you cross that finish line strong. Here are some training tips for you:

Run three times a week at the minimum. Your week day runs can be maintained at 5k, but gradually increase your mileage on your weekend long run. You can just add 1k to each Sunday run and, before you know it, you’ll be hitting 10k!

Don’t focus on speed just yet. A common mistake among new runners is to worry about their time in a race. When you’re just starting out, it’s important to build your base mileage before doing any speedwork. Get your legs used to the mileage of a 10k first and the speed will naturally follow.

Stretch. As you run longer, the tighter your leg muscles will feel. It is important to stretch after each workout. Note that I said to stretch after a run, not before. Stretching cold muscles before a run can lead to injury.

Aim to finish. On race day, expect a lot of nerves and anxieties. Keep calm and trust in your training. Do not aim for a specific time and just target to finish strong and injury free. There will be many more races to run and you can set more aggressive goals then. For now, enjoy the race and celebrate how far you’ve come!

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