Dear Jaymie,

Our entire family is always rushing out the door for school and work every morning. We tend to just grab whatever we can eat, like bread, pastries, or sometimes even a chocolate bar. Can you recommend any meals for breakfast that are easy to prepare and good for our bodies too?



Hi Jessica, 

Did you know that by stopping to eat a nutritious breakfast you could probably save more time throughout the day? A healthy breakfast will help your entire family to study or work better giving you more focus and energy for the rest of the day’s activities. 

So, I recommend you wake up a few minutes earlier to enjoy a healthy breakfast with the brood. Here are five quick and easy breakfast ideas that are good for the body too:

  • Tuna Mushroom omelet. Brown garlic in a pan. Combine your favorite canned tuna in water with mushrooms, spinach, and bell peppers. Set aside. Mix two eggs together and drop this into the pan. Place the tuna mixture on one side and fold in to create an omelet.
  • Avocado with whole wheat bread. Mash two avocados together. Place on top of toasted whole wheat bread. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.
  • Boneless bangus with brown rice. Pan fry boneless Bangus and serve with brown rice or even quinoa. You may also serve with a hard-boiled egg.
  • Oats Caldo. We don’t need to avoid our favorite Arroz Caldo just because white rice is unhealthy for us. By switching oatmeal for white rice, we can enjoy our Pinoy fave without the guilt. Try this recipe we found from Fit Well Foodie: 
  • Brown rice champorado. It may be quite difficult to get your kids to eat their oats or brown rice, but we swear that they won’t notice that difference when it’s disguised as their chocolatey champorado. Here’s a great recipe from